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  PNHP - Physicians for a National Health Program California  

Physicians for a National Health Program California (PNHP CA) is the largest state chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP). We are physicians, medical students, health professionals, community members, and advocates who believe that access to high-quality health care is a right and should be provided equitably as a public service rather than bought and sold as a commodity.

Our mission is to educate and advocate for the establishment of a publicly-financed single-payer health care program in California and the nation. Our view of a single-payer health care program is directly aligned with the "Right to Health" Proclamation in the South Los Angeles Declaration of the Health and Human Rights.

PNHP CA provides statewide training and education in single payer, health policy, health reform, and grassroots advocacy to empower both health providers and their patients to make informed decisions when voting. We also hold several public advocacy events and educational conferences throughout the year in South Los Angeles. PNHP CA is an organizational member of the AllCare Alliance, a collaborative campaign of organizations committed to making sure everybody in California is guaranteed better and more affordable healthcare.

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