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  Right To Health Committees  
  Hundreds of South Los Angeles residents are joining together in Right to Health Committees to ensure that healthcare for our communities is affordable, accessible, of high quality, and provided by workers with quality jobs.  Members of the Right to Health Committees include St. John’s Well Child and Family Center patients, neighborhood residents, community groups, and local unions.
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The goals of our Right to Health Committees are to: build an advocacy infrastructure for uninsured and publicly-insured patients and to establish a base of leaders in South LA that will advocate for improvements in their health care and improve health outcomes and access to quality care in South LA.

To move these goals forward, we are informing, organizing, and raising our voices to advocate for change. We are also holding elected officials accountable for the decisions they make about healthcare services and funding. Together we are fighting to protect Medi-Cal and preserve funding for community health centers like St. John’s that provide essential health services to uninsured and underinsured patients.

In response to Governor Brown’s proposed California state budget cuts that would affect community health centers throughout the state, a Right to Health Committee delegation of patients traveled to Sacramento to provide testimony against the proposal. Committee members also provided more than 1,000 letters opposing the change to Governor Brown and local State Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell.  These actions had a significant impact in defeating the proposed cuts to community health center reimbursement in the Assembly Budget Subcommittee. 

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